Snehal - Group Fitness and Personal trainer

I am a TAFE certified Fitness trainer and licensed Zumba instructor. I absolutely love doing group fitness sessions. The reason is simple - Every class feels like a party!

3 classes per week

Thrice weekly

Assured 3 classes a week, with a bonus class on select Sundays

Great savings to be made


A choice of packages to suit your budget and needs

Cheerful instructor - Snehal


Cheerful instructor with 100% attention to every member

Our Packages

Choose the perfect solution for you. With benefits to suit all budgets Snehal can offer amazing value and expert virtual Zumba training.

10 Pack

  • 10 strong 💪 sessions
  • Focussed fitness goal
  • $12 per session

  • Buy for $120


  • Achieve overall fitness 💪
  • Training includes Strength, Functional, and Abs workout
  • 3 sessions a week, a bonus session on select Sundays on offering

  • Join for $30 weekly

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